Care of Trees at Shotgun Players

“Sklar and Russell invest the action with a sharply defined individuality, intelligence and sexual chemistry that makes it irresistible. The density of their connection makes the fissures that appear in it all the more troubling. Language, again, is key, as Georgia’s mysterious illness affects how she articulates her ideas.

Sklar’s portrayal of Georgia’s disorder – or mystic mission – is riveting.”

Robert Hurwitt The San Francisco Chronicle – Monday, May 23rd

“Sklar and Russell are nothing short of phenomenal in their performances displaying all facets and tools of their artistry.

Sklar is captivating as she dances, speaks, and jumps all across the stage. Her presentation of Georgia Swift, an architect, is easily one of the best performances this reviewer has seen over the past two years by any actress in California. Sklar embodies everything one would imagine her character should be – passionate, wise, and beautiful. She is truly remarkable in this role.”

Percival Arcibal – examiner.comJune 9, 2011

“More than anything, what makes the play stunningly effective is Sklar and Russell’s tour de force performances as they go through the wringer from impish flirtation to passion to frustration and panic.

Sklar is absolutely magnetic as Georgia throughout the play, radiating intensity whether she’s doing a playful seductive dance or howling with painful seizures. It’s a breathtaking, knockout performance.”

Sam Hurwitt – – June 2, 2011

Seagull at Marin Theatre Company

“Liz Sklar (The Tempest at Cal Shakes and A Christmas Carol at A.C.T.) vividly nails the mixture of pain and cruelty in Masha’s nature.”

Richard Connemera – Talkin’ Broadway – Feb, 2011

“Who knew Chekhov could be so sexy?

Dressed in her customary proto-goth-girl black, Liz Sklar’s depressive Masha exudes desperate sexual longing for the unavailable estate owner’s nephew, Kostya.”

Robert Hurwitt – SF Chronicle – Feb 3, 2011

“Marin native Liz Sklar is particularly compelling as their gloomy daughter Masha. She’s hopelessly in love with Kostya, who ignores her, and she makes a point of wallowing in her unhappiness, wearing black, drinking vodka, taking snuff and making grand statements like, “I am in mourning for my life.”

Sklar’s Masha is glamorous and graceful even in drunken stumbling.”

Sam Hurwitt – Marin IJ – Feb, 2011


“Liz Sklar, a San Francisco talent to watch, played the call girl Lydia. Fearless, fierce, smart, beautiful – Liz is my ideal of an actress. Without attitude, focused on the work, reaching, seeking, achieving, relatively new to film but a student of life, she routinely did 10-15 pages of dialogue with Stacy in long masters necessitated by the short schedule. Her boldness gave me hope…”

Rob Nilsson, Cannes Camera d’Or and Sundance Grand Prize Winner – Cine Source – May 02, 2008

“These are brave performances [re: Liz Sklar & Stacy Keach]  – edgy, completely unsentimental and deeply affecting.”

Nancy Keefe Rhodes – Movie Cross Rhodes  – February 22, 2010

“Sklar’s performance… nicely balances Lydia’s desperation, her sexuality (mostly for show, one suspects) and her need to show off her education by dropping literary and cultural references and putting on a performance for her audience of one.”

Robert W. Butler – Kansas City Star – Apr. 22, 2010

Macbeth at Mortal Folly Theatre

“Matthew Rini in the title role and Liz Sklar as Lady Macbeth are particularly excellent.”

Elfin Vogel – Off Off Online – December 2, 2010

“I suspect Mr. Shakespeare would rather claw his way up to applaud the choices made here, choices that at last lend credence to Lady Macbeth’s descent into madness (a powerful performance by Sklar)”

Tobi-Wan – Theatre Knights (& Daze) – December 6, 2010

The Philistines at Zeum

“Liz Sklar – is a luminous spark!”

Lee Hartgrave – contributer to the SF Chronicle – february 20, 2009

“Liz Sklar’s buoyantly free-spirited young widow.”

Robert Hurwitt – SF Chronicle – February 17, 2009

“Great performances come from Philip Martinson and Liz Sklar (A.C.T. A Christmas Carol) as two of the lodgers.”

Richard Connema – – February 2009

Julius Caesar at Bushwick Shakes

“BOTTOM LINE: One of the best acted off-off-Broadway shows I’ve seen….Casca, brilliantly portrayed by Liz Sklar, was no longer just a conspirator against Caesar, but one of the “bad girls” drinking gin and smoking, mocking Caesar.”

Julie Feltman – Theatre Is Easy – February 23, 2010

Good Breeding at Zeum

“These actors… find ways to shine…. The comedic roles succeed above all the rest, such as the Furies (played by roughly half the cast [including Liz Sklar]) who convulse and jitter and scratch at their arms like drug fiends. Their sense of timing in the way they work together, writhing and suspending their motions, reflects a physicality we can relate to.”

Christine Borden – The Daily Californian  – October 23, 2008

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  1. Hi. Although the production was a slight disappointment from the several Shotgun Productions I’ve seen, you and Patrick Russell were simply amazing. Your portrayal of Georgia Swift is easily one of the top 10 performances by a leading actress I’ve seen in any production in the entire state of California the past 5 years whether it was an Equity house or not. This includes performances by Annette Bening in “The Cherry Orchard” & Julia Stiles in “Oleanna” both at the Ahmanson; Laurie Metcalf in “The Quality of Life” & Janet Gunn in “Time Stands Still” both at the Geffen Playhouse. Keep up the great work. I hope to see you at next year’s SF Bay Area Theatre Critics’ Circle Awards as I’m sure several of us Critics in the Circle will nominate you. – Percy –

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