Lady MacB?!!

That’s me! I was recently cast as Lady Macbeth in Mortal Folly’s production of the Scottish Play. I’m super excited that I’m getting the opportunity to play this role so early on in my career. We started table work last night and this show has the potential to be truly provocative and engaging. It goes up the first 3 weeks in December. Stayed tuned for details.

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  1. Francesca says:

    Hey Liz,

    I did Macbeth for my O Level exams in Catholic Convent boarding school in England and it was one of the bright spots! People behaving very badly (not the general fare of our curriculum).
    Just re-read a synopsis on the web (where was this info when I was doing gruelling O and A level tests for university in England?):
    Lady M: Lots of ambition. As time advances though, Lady Macbeth’s pretended strength diminishes as she fights the torments of her conscience. Tending to her conscience engulfs and destabilizes her so that she can not support Macbeth against Malcolm. Lady Macbeth’s attempts to suppress her conscience fail. At the end she chooses death because she can no longer bear the torments of her guilt…

    What an amazing role to play! Do you think the character was probably the same age as you? What awful responsibility.

    Congratulations, Miss Lizzie, on your starring role in a Shakespearean play in NYC.

    Your Mum and Dad are so excited that they have asked me to take care of Miss Toots so that they can come to see you. I’m sure they are really looking forward to sharing your after hours theatre celebrations . They are so proud of you!

    Rooting for you in Marin County,

    Francesca and Miss Toots

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